common mistakes an administrator or executor can make during probate

No outcome in mind

Beginning with the end in mind provides clarity and focus throughout the entire probate process. Although it can be an overwhelming experience (especially if the decedent is your close relative), it does not have to be stressful, if you have a clear reminder of and commitment to what the end goal is. Here are some examples: peace of mind, pay off debt and taxes a.s.a.p., settle with heirs, and maximize value of estate, just “be done with it and get it over” and others. Whatever the end goal is, it must be agreed upon by all so that you get support and have confidence in the decisions you make as the executor/administrator.

Not educating yourself on the probate process and deciding if you need / want a lawyer

You can educate yourself on our site about the process and/or go to your local courthouse to get more information. Once informed, it does make a lot of sense to talk to an attorney about the process and see what he/she thinks might be appropriate in your situation. You may then decide that you can handle this “pro per” meaning without a lawyer and represent the estate yourself as you go through the probate process if that is what you feel is best.

Relying on your attorney for everything

You might decide to use an attorney because your case might be slightly complicated or the estate is not in your hometown or state or you simple have no time on your hands. Your probate attorney is an expert in his field and will be paid as such. If you rely on your attorney for expertise such as taxes, securing the real estate, selling real estate, maintaining property, etc. you are not fully using local talent and maximizing the value of the estate. Financial planners, CPA’s, local realtors, contractors and estate planning firms are experts in their perspective field and can give you specialized knowledge which pays off in both the short run and long term.

Marketing real estate too late

Do not make the mistake of waiting too long to market any real estate, if you’d like to settle the estate as quickly as possible. Once you have been approved as the executor of the estate, you can begin soliciting offers on the real estate. In other words, parallel to handling everything else, you can list with a realtor, get advice, solicit offers and even go into escrow. Escrow will not close until you have acquired letters testamentary / letters of administration. As long as your buyers are aware of this, you will do fine. We understand the probate process.

Securing and maintaining real estate

Now that you are responsible for the real estate that means you must make sure it is secured and properly maintained. If you are not in the same city or state this can become a challenge for you, especially if curb appeal suffers and squatters take over. We can help you maintain the property by using people in our network.

Choosing friends over the right professionals to do a particular job

Now that you might need an attorney, realtor, tax advisors, financial planning and estate planning, you can find yourself surrounded by well meaning friends that want to help. E.g. you might have an attorney friend that practices business litigation that will help you with probate. This is where you must be cautious and make sure you pick your team of professional experts that will get the job done because this is all they do. Similarly, you might have a realtor friend that specializes in a certain area of town or other type of real estate that wants to list the real estate for you. Again, having a realtor with probate experience that specializes in the area of your real estate location will benefit you and ensure you get the most out of it.

Not collecting paperwork and submitting documents in a timely fashion

In the probate process section of our site you will find a flow chart of the probate process that mentions documents and actions to be taken. Depending upon your locality and process it may vary just a little.

Waiting too long to begin the probate process

As time goes by taxes add up, creditors become pushier and heirs more impatient. Losing a loved one is devastating and moving forward can at times almost seem emotionally impossible. However, waiting too long will add pressure and demands from others to your mourning process. Give yourself time to mourn but also realize that the longer you wait the greater the demands.